Cloud for Monitoring Battery Storage

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Our goal of the game

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Wernherd Technology approached us with a request to create a comprehensive cloud solution for managing battery systems, including user access at different levels (customer, operator, administrator).

Our task was to develop a web application where our client's customers and operators can easily view data about their battery's charge level, whether the battery is currently charging or discharging, temperature, and the charge status of individual cells.

A customer user type has access only to data about their own battery, an operator can view data from all batteries and can also add and remove batteries. The administrator is responsible for managing user accounts.

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What we had to solve

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Realtime data

The cloud system we developed for Wernherd Technology is connected to an MQTT message broker. This ensures that the data from the battery, which we display to the user, is current and without any time delay.

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Modular Solution

The entire system is designed to be easily expandable in the future to accommodate new smart hardware developed by our client. We achieved this through the microservice architecture we used in programming the server-side.

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Data Processing and Storage

The server side of the application is responsible for storing and filtering data coming from individual batteries. It was essential to design an efficient way to store and retrieve large amounts of data so that graphs and other visualizations load quickly and without delays. We optimized individual database queries for the fastest possible performance.

Highlights of the project

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realtime data
RealTime Data
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User Accounts
Data Storage
Wernherd cloud - baterie overview

Our solution in practice

<Result />

We designed and developed a completely new cloud application for monitoring battery systems. Access to this application is provided through a fully responsive web page. We proposed an optimal communication solution between the batteries and the emerging cloud application to our client and then implemented this solution.

Additionally, we added a feature for our client that stores battery configurations in a separate database, including historical changes.

We are preparing the next phase of the project for the client, where we will expand the system to include additional smart hardware in the field of electrical installation.

Delivery Time

3 Months

Team Size

3 Team Members

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