We programmed the tourist portal Travellect.

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Our goal of the game

<Project assignment />

The client approached us with a request to create an extensive web portal for travelers. Users can search for interesting places to visit in specific destinations or utilize pre-prepared itineraries that they can modify as needed within the web application.

In addition to a user-friendly interface for travelers, the client wanted to develop an administrative section for content management. Furthermore, programming was required for a user/client section accessible only after registration and login.

The entire project was designed to withstand higher user traffic and be easily scalable. Future plans include the development of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.

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What we had to solve

<Challenges and Solutions />
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On Mobile and Desktop

We programmed a responsive web application to display beautifully on both mobile phones and computer monitors. We optimized its performance for ideal display across various web browsers.

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Client Section

The web application includes a dedicated section for logged-in/registered users. This section is secured so that unauthenticated users cannot access its data and features.

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Website or mobile application?

The server-side is prepared for easy integration with a mobile application, which can utilize the existing API. The web part of the application already communicates through this interface. Therefore, further development of the mobile app will be considerably faster.

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Easy Scalability and Maintenance

The Travellect web application is divided into several parts. Each part can be maintained independently of the others. In case of a request for new functionality, such as integrating AI for itinerary planning, Travellect can be easily extended without major modifications to the existing website.

Highlights of the project

<Key Features />
Client Section
mobile app
Readiness for the app
Ease of scalability
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Our solution in practice

<Result />

We developed a solution that adapts to the dynamically changing needs and priorities of the client. Our solution is modular (based on microservices) and, when properly configured, can withstand high user traffic.

The website content, including user management, can be edited through the administration interface. Registered users have access to a client section with additional features. The website is fully responsive and multilingual.

Delivery Time

12 Months

Team Size

4 Team Members

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