We have created an informational website for the qLog application.

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Our goal of the game

<Project assignment />

For our internal project, we set the goal of creating an informational website dedicated to our new product, qLog, which is designed for manual testing. The website needed to meet several key requirements: excellent SEO features, easy management, and full responsiveness for optimal display on both computers and mobile devices. In addition to basic product information, we also wanted to integrate a blog where we could share news and updates from the world of testing.

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What we had to solve

<Challenges and Solutions />
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For both computers and phones

We optimized the website to load quickly and smoothly on both computers and phones. Loading speed and ease of use were crucial for us.

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We also included video tutorials.

The website also includes video tutorials. We had to ensure that the videos displayed beautifully and played without any issues on all devices.

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The website is integrated with the CMS Strapi.

For content management, we chose the reliable headless CMS Strapi. This allowed us to quickly and efficiently design and create the database and populate the website.

Highlights of the project

<Key Features />
SEO Optimization
mobile app
Responsive Design
Multilingual Content
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Our solution in practice

<Result />

We created the website for qLog from scratch, paying attention to every detail. We first designed the graphics and thoroughly tested their intuitiveness. Only after that did we begin the actual programming.

The result is a user-friendly and easily navigable website, accessible on both computers and mobile devices. The primary content is available in English and Czech, and adding additional languages is a matter of a few simple steps.

Additionally, we placed a strong emphasis on search engine optimization and page loading speed, achieving excellent results.

Delivery Time

14 days

Team Size

1 team member

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