Tappi Mobile App - Modern Business Card Holder

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Our goal of the game

<Project assignment />

Viansol approached us with a request to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS for their client. The application was intended to serve as a modern business card holder, utilizing NFC readers and NFC tags for storing digital business cards. In addition to integrating the NFC reader, we were tasked with enabling the creation of user accounts and providing a link to an online store for purchasing NFC tags.

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What we had to solve

<Challenges and Solutions />
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Application for Android and iOS

Thanks to the Dart programming language and the Flutter framework, we developed a mobile application for both Android and iOS from a single codebase. This approach saved our client both time and money.

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NFC Reading and Writing

For the mobile application, we developed a unique plugin that reliably writes and reads NFC tags on Apple phones.

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Server-side Data Storage

We developed a server-side component that operates on a database, storing all the data necessary for the reliable operation of the application. Communication between the server and the mobile application is implemented via a secure API.

Highlights of the project

<Key Features />
NFC Reading/Writing
Multilingual Application
security api
Secure Database
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Our solution in practice

<Result />

For our client, we developed a mobile application for Android and iOS that offers a modern way to manage business cards. The app allows reading and writing to NFC tags, creating user accounts, and generating business cards with links to social networks. Thanks to multilingual support, the app's language automatically adjusts to the phone's operating system language.

In addition to the mobile application, we also developed a server-side component that ensures a secure API and protects data from leaks.

Delivery Time

3 Months

Team Size

1 team member

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