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Our goal of the game

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A client approached us with a request to develop a mobile application that will be available for both Android and iOS platforms. This application is intended for merchants to record information about potential clients. In addition to basic information, merchants will have the ability to input addresses, which will be automatically filled using GPS. Another key requirement was for the application to automatically calculate financial rewards for merchants based on the success of closed deals.

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What we had to solve

<Challenges and Solutions />
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Integration of Google Maps API

For greater accuracy and to eliminate errors when entering addresses, we have integrated Google Maps API into the application. This facilitates and speeds up the work of merchants when entering the address of a potential customer.

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Server Side of the Application and Secure Communication

We developed the server side of the application using Java Spring Boot. As a result, the application consists of several services (modules), making it easily extendable and testable. We provide a secure API for communication with both mobile and web applications.

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Web Administration and Rewards Configuration

We have created a web administration interface through which new merchants can be added or inactive accounts can be deleted. Additionally, it includes configuration settings for calculating financial rewards for merchants based on successful completed sales.

Highlights of the project

<Key Features />
google maps api
Google Maps API
security api
Secure API
web admin
Web Administration
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Our solution in practice

<Result />

We have created an innovative multi-platform mobile application that functions seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. This application, developed with Flutter, is designed to meet specific user needs by integrating with Google Maps API, allowing for automatic address completion based on GPS data. This significantly simplifies information entry.

To ensure secure and efficient data storage, we have developed a robust server infrastructure. This server handles data storage in the database and provides an API for both the mobile application and web administration.

Our web administration offers the ability to monitor the status of leads and adjust rewards for merchants. This brings clarity and flexibility, which are essential for successfully managing business activities.

Delivery Time

6 weeks

Team Size

1 team member

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