What do the abbreviations CI and CD stand for? And why is it crucial to ask your supplier about them?

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Perhaps in your communication with your IT supplier, you've encountered the abbreviations CI and CD and wondered what exactly these terms mean and what benefits they offer in web or application development. CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) are crucial processes that not only streamline developers' work but also help optimize costs and reduce development time. How so? We'd be happy to explain.

What is CI/CD and how can it help with web or application development?

During discussions with your IT solutions provider, you may have come across the abbreviations CI and CD, which are key components in the process of delivering a website or application. But what exactly do they mean and how can they facilitate and reduce the cost of development?

Continuous Integration (CI) is a set of methods and practices that enable rapid integration of source code from developers to testers and ultimately to final delivery to clients. CI allows for continuous addition of source code, supporting ongoing application development.

Continuous Deployment (CD) focuses on automating delivery and deployment processes to IT infrastructure. This includes automated testing and deployment of a website or application to production environments, such as automatic publishing of a new app version on the App Store.

How does CI/CD contribute to better development at CoreApp Technologies?

At CoreApp Technologies, we utilize Jenkins for implementing CI/CD. Jenkins is an automation tool that accelerates and enhances web or application development processes. This allows us to deliver updates more frequently and efficiently, leading to reduced development costs and time savings.

Additional benefits of CI/CD include:

  • Improved code quality: Automated tests help detect errors and ensure high code quality.
  • Faster releases: Automation and clear rules enable us to publish new versions of websites or applications several times a day.
  • Maximum automation: Striving for extensive process automation enhances efficiency and reduces development costs.

CI/CD not only simplifies the work for developers but also contributes to faster and more effective delivery of high-quality results. If you are seeking a reliable partner for developing your website or application using modern technologies, feel free to contact us. We are eager to help you realize your project through efficient CI/CD development and deployment.

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