What is the difference between a website and a web application?

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Web applications are now a full-fledged alternative to desktop or mobile applications. Their popularity in custom software development is growing due to their accessibility and relatively lower acquisition costs. What exactly is a web application, and what types can we find?

What is a web application?

A web application is software that allows users to interact through a web browser. It offers broad utility and can serve as an alternative to desktop applications, such as Google Docs. Web applications differ from regular websites by focusing on interactivity and enabling users to actively engage with content.

Benefits of web applications

Web applications are independent of operating systems and only require a web browser. Their development and maintenance are cheaper and easier compared to desktop applications. Users don't need to install anything and always access the latest version directly in their browser.

Drawbacks of web applications

Drawbacks include reliance on internet connectivity and limited access to hardware resources.

Types of web applications

Web applications can be commercial tools or internal solutions for business needs, such as CRM systems, CMS systems, or information systems and intranets.

Custom web application development

Each type of application has specific requirements and technological approaches. Thorough specifications and consultations with developers are crucial for successful web application development.

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