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web scrapping and business
Web scraping, also known as automated data extraction from the internet, is a process where a specialized program gathers information from websites or their structures. How can this technique benefit your business?

In today's world of online technologies and digital economy, numerous events unfold on the web daily, overwhelming for manual processing. How to extract data from competitor websites? How to automate repetitive tasks on your website? The answer lies in web scraping.

Web scraping allows efficient monitoring of price changes on your website and ensures consistency with your source data. Similarly, it enables monitoring of prices and product availability at competitors. Need regular updates on available properties or job openings? Web scraping provides these data regularly.

Through automated web scraping, you can easily track changes on supplier websites and promptly respond to new offers or changes in product availability. Moreover, it automates routine actions like ordering goods using exported EAN codes from your e-shop.

Web scraping is ideal for scenarios requiring regular data collection or monitoring on the web. Use cases include price checks on your website, monitoring competitor prices and product availability, gathering property or job listings, and tracking supplier website changes.

However, a drawback of web scraping is the maintenance required, especially when source website structures change. These adjustments necessitate frequent testing to ensure proper functionality.

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