Part 4: How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

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In the previous parts, we focused on the cost of app development, what needs to be priced, and where savings can be made. We also provided an example of how a small app gradually became an extensive project. In the next article, we explored the technologies that can be used for mobile app development. This time, we will focus on what happens when the app is finished, tested, and the client wants to publish it.

Finished: Publishing the App on the App Store and Google Play

The programmers have completed their work, the testers have conducted all the tests, and the scrum master has closed the final tickets. The client is satisfied and wants hundreds or thousands of users to start downloading and happily using the app on their phones and tablets. It's time to publish the app on the App Store and Google Play. Especially in the case of the App Store and Apple products, this is a crucial step because it's the only way to get the app to users.

What Happens When Publishing an App on Google Play and the App Store?

The process of publishing an app to the Google Play and App Store is a significant event for both the client and the developers. Especially with Apple and the App Store, it's not a quick task, so let's take a closer look.

Publishing on the App Store

To publish on the App Store, you need an Apple device, such as a MacBook or Mac computer. The publication is done through Xcode, the program in which the app is developed. Before publishing, you need to fill in information about the app in the App Store, such as age restrictions, GDPR links, and so on. Then, the App Store and Xcode are connected, and the app is published.

Apple then reviews the app to ensure it complies with its rules and guidelines. If no issues are found, the app is approved and made available to users. If problems are discovered, Apple notifies the developers and requests fixes or clarifications. These minor fixes are included in the app's pricing. In the case of more significant changes, we consult the client, as they might not be budgeted for.

The approval process for an app on the App Store can take from 3 days or longer.

Publishing on Google Play

The process of publishing on Google Play is similar to Apple's, but it can be done from any computer with a current Windows, Linux, or macOS operating system. The review is usually faster, and the number of notes and fixes required is often lower than with the App Store.

Developer Account on the App Store

For publishing on the App Store, we offer two options. The client can create their own Apple developer account with our assistance, through which the app will be published. They then provide us with access for publication. The advantage is that the client is the main administrator and can sell the account along with the app. The downside is the need to monitor annual fees and various challenges from Apple.

The second option is to offer space on our company's App Store. This is app hosting, where the client gets access credentials to manage texts, comments, and reviews. We take care of the App Store operation, which reduces annual costs.

Developer Account on Google Play

A developer account is also required for publishing on Google Play, which is cheaper than Apple's. We offer app hosting, so the client doesn't have to create their own account.

Whether it's publishing on the App Store or Google Play, we always discuss possible solutions with our clients and recommend the best option for their app and business model.

If you're considering developing a mobile app, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to create the app for you.

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