Part 3: How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

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In the first part of our series on the cost of mobile app development, we focused on estimating expenses, which are highly individual and reflect your specific requirements. In the second part, we explored ways you can save money by investing your time. Today, we'll look at a practical example that demonstrates how a mobile app without a server component is often not fully functional. We will see how a "simple app" can turn into a complex "giant."

We all know the feeling. You have a brilliant idea for an app or website, you present it to your IT service partner, and then you anxiously await an estimate of time and cost before you can finally see your app come to life. However, sometimes the response you receive doesn't quite match your expectations. This is exactly what happened to one of our clients. Using their example, we'll explore the differences in understanding the concept of a mobile app from a business perspective versus a development perspective.

The client approached us with a request for a mobile app that they considered simple. It was supposed to allow new user registrations, logins, photo uploads with descriptions, liking other users' photos, and sending notifications about activities on their photos.

After sending the price and time estimate, we received a very negative reaction, which made us realize there was a significant misunderstanding regarding the app's valuation. We then began to investigate how the client and we, as developers, understood the entire app development process.

We quickly realized that the client only saw the app as an icon on their phone screen. Therefore, we explained that mobile app development and its cost are not just about the app itself. Development also includes programming the server-side for storing user data and photos, setting up and integrating Google Firebase for sending notifications, an admin panel for managing posts and users, as well as graphic design and testing. And this is only part of the entire process.

One of the final items included in the development cost is publishing the app to the App Store and Google Play. We'll discuss this, as well as the maintenance of mobile apps, in future articles, as it's a topic in its own right.

As you can see, developing a mobile app is not just about placing an icon on your phone's home screen. It involves many steps and can be much more complex than it initially appears. The development cost is individually tailored and reflects specific requirements and expectations for the app.

Therefore, it's crucial to choose a development partner who provides maximum service and transparency throughout the process. If you're interested, feel free to contact us.

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