Part 5: How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

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And here it is, the final part on the topic of mobile app development costs. In previous articles, we discussed factors influencing the price, opportunities for savings, and how short-term savings can lead to increased costs in the long run. In this last part, we will focus on an aspect that clients often underestimate – maintenance and updates of the application and the necessary software for its operation.

Your mobile application is already successfully running on Google Play and the App Store, actively used by users and contributing to the growth of your business. At first glance, everything looks great, but suddenly you start receiving reviews complaining about the app being slow or not functioning properly on newer operating system versions. Additionally, you've read about new European Union regulations concerning digital products, and you're beginning to realize that the design which was modern five years ago during the app's development now appears outdated.

Just like all technological products, programs and applications age. Just as you regularly maintain your car by changing oil, filters, and brakes, it's important to work with developers to ensure your app undergoes regular "technical inspections".

Most of our clients opt for what we call a Service Agreement, which ensures ongoing support for the application. This partnership includes reserved time every month during which we perform maintenance according to your requirements. This can involve updating programming languages, adhering to new legal regulations, or making minor changes to functionality and design. If you're planning significant improvements to the app, we treat it as a separate project.

The costs for regular maintenance are negligible compared to potential costs for compensating users in case of data security issues. Your application is an investment, and we're happy to regularly maintain it to keep it as efficient as possible.

If you're considering developing a mobile application, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you keep your application in optimal condition going forward.

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