How to Approach a Web Developer: A Practical Guide

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Nowadays, it is standard practice to approach multiple suppliers, companies, or agencies when considering an investment in a new website, in order to find the best and most advantageous solution. This often results in various offers from different IT players, each approaching your project from distinct perspectives. These offers can be difficult to compare, with each one viewing your website differently. How can you avoid such a situation and find the optimal solution for your website? In this article, we will guide you on how to effectively approach web developers, what to focus on when choosing, and how to ensure that the offers are comparable and clear.

Effective Web Development Brief: How to Approach Suppliers and Save Time

When it comes to custom web development, we often encounter requests formulated like this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We need a new website. The website will have about 12 pages or maybe more. How much would it cost?

Best regards,

New Client

At this point, our communication typically begins to determine what the client wants on these pages, how the website should look, and what information needs to be stored for your business to function correctly.

How to Save Time When Briefing for Web Development

Imagine that instead of a website, you are buying a car. You have certain expectations for the car – you know whether you need a four-wheel drive, if you want it to run on petrol, diesel, hybrid, or electric. Most importantly, you have a budget that you can afford to spend.

Similarly, you should define your requirements for a new website. Don’t forget to tell us:

  • What you expect from the new website and why you want to create it.
  • A list of pages you want on the website.
  • What features you require on the website (e.g., contact form, payment gateway).
  • A description of the website's appearance, or links to competitor websites that you like.

Once you have these defined, it’s time to choose a suitable supplier. If your budget is limited, mention this constraint to the supplier at least approximately.

UX Design and Website Prototype

In the world of web (and mobile) development, terms like UX design and prototyping are standard parts of a good development process. Every project aiming for long-term success should go through the process of prototyping and UX design. This process not only helps define the structure and layout of elements but also serves as an accurate brief for development. With a prototype, you can more easily avoid endless rounds of revisions that could significantly increase the cost of your new website.

If you want the most accurate estimate for developing your website, it’s good to have a UX design and website prototype ready. If you don’t have experience with UX design and prototyping, turn to experts and have a prototype, including the brief, created.

At CoreApp Technologies, we can handle your web development from the initial design and brief creation, through programming, to maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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