What is Agile Development and Why Do We Like It?

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For the success of a software project, it is crucial that it is managed correctly and in an organized manner. Various methodologies serve this purpose, with one of the best being Agile development. Let's explore how Agile development is used and why it is beneficial to follow this methodology.

From Waterfall to Agile Development

Before the advent of Agile development and the Agile Manifesto, most software projects were executed using the Waterfall model. This model consisted of several stages:

  1. Client Requirements
  2. Analysis and Design
  3. Implementation
  4. Testing
  5. Delivery and Maintenance

The main disadvantage of the Waterfall model was that the client was involved only at the beginning during the requirements definition and at the end during the project handover. Any change during the development meant going back to the beginning, which extended and increased the cost of projects.

Agile development addresses this issue more efficiently. Imagine several smaller waterfalls in succession. In each such "small waterfall," a part of the program is created and immediately presented to the client for feedback and approval. This cycle repeats, ensuring flexibility and a quicker response to changes.

How Does Agile Development Look in Our Company?

The client presents us with their vision for an application or website. Together, we break it down into smaller parts and prioritize them. These parts are then executed in several cycles, at the end of which there is always a presentation for the client to verify requirements fulfillment.


What is a Sprint? In Agile development, you will often encounter this term. A Sprint is a fixed time period, usually two weeks for us, during which pre-agreed work is programmed. One Sprint corresponds to one pass through the Waterfall model. At the end of each Sprint, we present what we've accomplished to the client and discuss the next steps. There are several Sprints throughout the development process.

The Client as a Partner and Part of the Team

In Agile development, the client is a vital and integral part of the team. We regularly present progress, and the client has the opportunity to actively participate in the development and discuss the project.

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